Title: Trees by man - 72
Size: 782 x 567mm 
Year: 2019
Medium: India ink on archival paper, unframed.
Price: R7000

Title: Trees by man - 73
Size:1400 x 1000mm 
Year: 2019
Medium: Acrylic paint on acid free paper.
Price: R20 000 unframed
Title: Trees by man - 75
Size: 250 x 352mm 
Year: 2019
Medium: India ink and charcoal on archival paper, framed in box frame.
Price: R3800 ex vat 
Available through Salon91. Please email enquiries@salon91.co.za 
Title: Mountain View - 2
Size: 1000 x 700 mm 
Medium: Charcoal on paper. Framed in Walnut thin-profile box. 
Year: 2016
Price: R9100 - R1700 = R7400 (Frame is slightly damaged)
Title: Trees by man - 64 - Facades
Size: 1200 x 900mm 
Year: 2018
Medium: Oil paint on stretched canvas.
Price: R12 000
Title: Still Ocean - 3
Size: 1500 x 1000mm 
Medium: Oil paint on canvas
Year: 2016
R12 000
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